First CET Presentation

Yesterday, I went to Nancy, France for my CET (comité d’encadrement de thèse) evaluation on my doctoral research. It is no secret that I don’t have much idea why I am doing the peak-detection and spectral decomposition of an input IR spectral data; it was just something I was doing simply because I could do it and the supervisor told me to do so. Now, after some feedbacks from my two CET members; I have a little more idea on why spectrometrists are interested in the spectral decomposition of the signals they get from their samples. At least it felt a bit better knowing that the work I was doing for the past few months are not entirely for null, despite the doubt I have about the entire field.

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[Review] Brownian Bridges for stochastic chemical processes and reveal.js presentation tool

The group I am part of at the moment, Theoretical Chemical Physics (TCP) group in the Université du Luxembourg, has a tradition where the doctoral researchers of the group would take turn in presenting the journal article they read in the past week. The presentation is usually on the Wednesdays, and my turn came up today.

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[Egyptian] Typing Egyptian hieroglyphs on digital platforms


For some unknown reason, I felt the urge to re-start learning the Ancient Egyptian just after I finished designing my new GitHub homepage. In many ways, I knew that re-learning the Hieroglyphic Egyptian was a bad idea as I failed miserably the last time I tried learning it. Also, as the current era semi-forces me to keep my knowledge in digital format, learning Egyptian as a man in early 30s meant that he had no other choice but to learn how to write hieroglyphs or hieratic or demotic scripts digitally. The fact that I’d personally be very interested in learning how to write and speak in Coptic is not helping at all. It is probably a good thing that my miserable failure in learning Egyptian is helping me not to study Coptic–PhD is already a full-time job.

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